Charles Sibirsky playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Charles was asked to play for the PS 276 Kyle Jean-Baptiste Memorial Concert by his son Graeme Sibirsky.

Kyle was a student of Graeme's who made history by becoming the first African American to play the lead of Les Miserables, Val-Jean, on Broadway in NYC, before he died in a tragic accident a year ago. The concert was to form a Scholarship Fund in Kyle's name at his former Elementary School.

Charles played his solo rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a blues and a classical piece with Graeme.

Graeme studied with his father for many years and now teaches music as well, both privately and for the NYC Department of Education.

Charles & Graeme Sibirsky play Jean Baptiste Loeillet Sonata No. 1 on Piano & Flute

This is the first time my son & I played a classical Sonata in public. This is for the PS 276 Kyle Jean-Baptiste Memorial Concert at PS 276 on June 24th, 2016. The selection is the first movement of Sonata for 2 Flutes No. 1 (although we played it with flute & piano), by JEAN BAPTISTE LOEILLET (DE GANT). Graeme chose the piece because of the feeling of lament and the shared name of "Jean-Baptiste".

Charles & Graeme Sibirsky - Blue Monk - PS 276 Kyle Jean-Baptiste Memorial Concert 2016

The father & son duo Charles & Graeme Sibirsky play the jazz/blues "Blue Monk" by Thelonious Monk, on piano and flute, in tribute to Broadway star Kyle Jean-Baptiste- PS 276 Kyle Jean-Baptiste Memorial Concert 2016.

Blue Monk is the first blues song Charles taught Graeme when he was growing up learning to play jazz flute. Graeme often teaches it to his students as well.

'Formation' by Charles Sibirsky

Live Jazz at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY, produced by Slope Music, video shot and edited by Alex Roshuk.