Our Mission at Slope Music

  • 20 September 2015
  • charles

What is the value of studying music? How much would you pay to be able to improvise a beautiful Jazz solo, play a Chopin waltz, accompany yourself on the guitar or give your child the fundamental musical training that provides the gift of music for a lifetime. There simply is no way to put a monetary value on such things.

The students that study at Slope music are “buying” their teacher’s lifetime devotion to playing and teaching music. They receive the guidance and expertise of an individual who has taken many students through the steps that lead to mastery of music. We do not offer group lessons. Every student is on his or her own life-path and music instruction is an art that works its magic only on a one to one basis.

We do not use contracts with any of our students. We offer free registration interviews. We ask only that the first lesson be paid for in advance to be put on the schedule Some students take a lesson or two and ask to be removed from the schedule. Many of our students have studied here for a decade or more.

Here's how you can contact us:

Slope Music
271 9th Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11215.